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Here's some of the useful things that help our leaders learn, grow and thrive – recommended by our community.


Daring Greatly

Brene Brown

The Making of a Manager

Julie Zhou

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Patrick Lencioni

Resilient Management

Lara Hogan

Creativity Inc.

Ed Catmull

How Women Rise

Sally Helgesen and Marshall Goldsmith

Leading Content Design

Rachel McConnell

Four Thousand Weeks

Oliver Burkeman


Courses and Training

Design Leaders Studio

An online course for those new to leadership

Leading Content Design

An online module to help leaders focus on content ops

Design Leadership at Scale

Cohort-based course for anyone leading large teams

Demystifying Management

A series of five courses on a variety of topics from Resilient Leadership

Leading Like You

Workshops run by Michael Metts



Per My Last Email

A podcast from the Active Voice team

Content Design With Friends

Not strictly leadership focused but always insightful



Active Voice

Programs and 1:1 coaching for anyone in leadership

Lara Hogan

1:1 coaching for anyone in leadership

Beth Dunn

1:1 coaching and development for leaders



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