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The conference for
content leaders
10 - 11 March

Lead with Tempo is the first conference to focus on the unique challenges of content design leadership.

Will you be there?

We’re bringing together leaders from around the world to help you learn, grow and thrive. 


Whether you’re a new leader looking to take the next step in your career, or a more experienced leader, this conference is for you. 


Hear from the best in the industry as they share their experiences and insights for challenges we all face, such as:

  • Building advocacy for content design

  • Gaining organisational alignment

  • Fostering a safe and collaborative culture

  • Capability building

  • Content operations

  • Inclusive recruitment

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You’ll be able to swap stories, get tips on how to thrive, and create lasting friendships with peers in our Tempo community.


Your ticket gives you the option to watch the conference online, either on the day as it happens, or to come back later and watch the talks at your own convenience.


There’ll be two days of exclusive content and workshops. Day one will focus on talks and panels and day two will offer a series of practical virtual masterclasses – giving you the chance to flex and improve your leadership skills and learn from those who’ve been there, done that, and got the stories!


We can’t wait for you to join us, and level-up your leadership!

Our schedule

Workshops will be virtual in a European time frame. They'll be available to re-watch for participants unable to attend live.

All talk recordings will be available after the event to watch at your leisure.

View the full schedule or meet our speakers.


There’s a limited number of tickets in each tier so book fast to avoid disappointment. 

​On sale until 7 Oct (or sold out)

First come first served - talks only (one day)

First come first served - talks & workshops (two day)

Sold out

Sold out

On sale until 30 Nov (or sold out)

I’ll be there - talks only (one day)

I’ll be there - talks & workshops (two day)


Sold out

On sale until 8 Jan (or sold out)

Late but definitely IN - talks only (one day)

Late but definitely IN - talks & workshops (two day)



On sale until 28 Feb (or sold out)

Fashionably late to the party - talks only (one day)

Fashionably late to the party - talks & workshops (two day) 



On sale until sold out

Last chance saloon - talks only (one day)

Last chance saloon -  talks & workshops (two day)

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