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Lead with Tempo 2025 


Thursday June 12th

Jen Schaefer talking on stage
Danielle Small on stage
Heldiney Pereira on stage

Are you ready to be bolder? 

In 2024 we focused on evolving through change and doing more with less. We talked about taking care of our teams and ourselves through these crazy times.

But now it's time for us to think bigger and be braver.

In 2025 we'll consider how we go beyond the product work – to elevate ourselves and our teams.


Help your team learn, grow and thrive

Bolder leaders push their teams to be braver, and support their teams to go beyond what's right in front of them.

Braver leaders innovate – finding new ways to deliver connected and impactful content.

Want to know how they do it? Join in-person or virtually for a day of talks, panels and networking, as we find out  how to become braver leaders.


Find your people

We keep our conferences small enough to be intimate and friendly – so you can make new connections, and catch up with some old ones!

There's plenty of time throughout the conference to chat, support one another, and reflect on the talks and panels.

Meet our speakers

We'll be announcing 2025 speakers shortly, so check back soon. The topics they'll be covering include:

  • Thinking beyond the product to connect content across our orgs

  • Braver facilitation

  • Moving into general design leadership

  • Embracing squiggly careers

  • Personal communication strategies

  • How to foster design-wide advocacy for content


"The experience put a spring back in my step. The content was great but importantly the tone of the content was spot on."

2024 attendee

A space made for bonding

Lead with Tempo will be hosted a London's Barbican, which is an architectural wonder, boasting galleries, restaurants and a wonderful conference suite. We use the lovely terrace area for refreshment breaks, a light and airy space that's perfect for a summer conference.

It's well connected by railway and underground stations, and reachable from London airports in under an hour.

Of course, you can also join virtually if you prefer.


Sponsor Lead with Tempo

There are numerous ways to get involved with the conference. Whether you have a book to promote, a SAAS product that's perfect for content designers, or you're hiring...there's a sponsorship package for you. We'd love to partner with you!


Learn more about sponsorship

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